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Processor FAN is important !!!!

My friend ask to me, ""why my processor temperature is very hot ?" i can't run my windows well.
This question came from my Friend Dens, he ask to me about the "computer hang" so.. later I visited his home and immediately check the computer. I was very surprised, the processor temperature is very hot! What causes this happen? apparently, the processor fan died and not working. After replacing the processor fan, the computer up and running as before.

We can see that the processor fan is very important, if you have a problem like my friend, you can check your processor temperature, normal temperature of the processor there are approximately below 55 Celsius - 60 Celsius. If the temperature of your processor is more than this figure, be careful, check the temperature of the processor in the BIOS and check your processor fan. If processor FAN die, and the processor does not work, search for a new processor fan and replace it with a new ..
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